Monday, 21 November 2011

This too shall pass

I just found out a few days ago that a close acquaintance (that is, a friend I don't know so well, but wish i knew better) is currently battling Breast Cancer. She is a wife, mother and career woman and I can imagine it's all very frightening.  It has touched me on a personal level, having been there for my husband during a short battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma 9 years ago, (which he won by the way) it was 6 months we seem to forget that went by in a blur of drugs and side effects, and robbed us of our honeymoon period right at the beginning of our relationship (we had been dating only a couple of months). We came out the other side though, stronger for it and we were very lucky.
Its funny how when these things happen it makes you reflect on yourself, those little kicks up the ass, to remind you to take nothing for granted and be thankful for the good health, the beautiful children, the wonderful home, the secure jobs , the food on the table and the comfortable life - while you have it.  God bless to all out there going through the hard times, whatever they may be.


  1. By experience, I know of Cancer.
    But trust in the medical community brought me through from a multiple myeloma attack on my bones.
    Feel fine now.
    Hope your soulmate will continue happy and free.

  2. and same to you Goatman, may the nasty C stay away from you. sounds like you have had your fair share. thanks for the kind words.