Friday, 4 November 2011

A dilemma of sorts

So on the one hand I find the idea of blogging 

1) pointless
2) egotistical and possibly arrogant
3) potentially a novelty that will wear thin very quickly
4) something to feel guilty about (if I start and don't carry on with it...)
5) an invitation for my teacher husband to critique my spelling and punctuation (ouch.)

However, on the other it could be
1) fun
2) mentally stimulating
3) creative

Is there a point to it if no one reads it? 

Perhaps I will just do it anyway ( a tree falling in the woods and all that)

I hope to write about
  •  music that I'm listening to
  •  recipes of the day
  •  ideas and crafty goodness
  •  pictures and images that I love

Perhaps this will just a be a kind of diary.  

Perhaps I should just get on with it.
 My family's sneakers all lined up 


  1. When I started blogging five years ago I never would have thought I'd end up with more than 1000 posts. Keep at it. one thing nice about blogging vs facebook is your posts are more searchable on the blog. i had to make up a word program to keep up with my facebook notes, which number like 300 now.
    Bloggers are readers, facebookers aren't.

  2. hi Bullets, agreed. I like the idea that you can read someone elses thoughts and ideas, someone who lives on the other side of the planet, who lives a totally different life from you, someone you will never meet. thats a nice thing. ive done some good reading lately and none of it on facebook.

  3. Yeah, you will find people you relate to and become blog friends. it won't be based on the fact that you were neighbors 20 years ago, but because of what they write.
    The best way to get a comment is to leave a comment. Keep it up Littlebow.