Saturday, 5 November 2011

Passion for Venice

 wrapping paper at Passion for Paper

Whilst waiting for an appointment one day a few months ago I happened to walk along Parnell Road and stumbled upon a little shop called Passion for Paper.  I'm not sure if you are all very familiar with this indulgent little piece of Italy in New Zealand, and I am just late to catch on, but this shop was a revelation.  As soon as I walked in the door I was hit by not only the beauty of what lay within but the strong desire to own everything I lay my eyes on.  Maybe I'm just weird but I love paper.  Notebooks, wrapping paper, cards, covered pencils, calendars all in the most stunning designs straight from Venice.  It was as though I could look out the window and see a canal boat floating past.  It was my tourist days in Venice all over again, and I was drunk with desire and heady with nostalgia.  I came away with the most expensive and divine pieces of paper that to be honest are too good to wrap anything in.  To cut them (let alone rip them) would be a travesty!  

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