Friday, 4 November 2011

The list

I have this habit of seeing something in a movie or in a picture and wanting, wanting, wanting it, and never being able to buy it because it's one of those things that they don't make anymore or you just cant find, or it costs too much.  Occasionally though, something on the list finds me.....

The list started with a pair of Doc Marten Boots.  I waited 6 years for a pair of black 10ups from the age of 11 - 17. After various fakes and frauds they finally came my way via the teenage boyfriend. I love them still, but they scream of a former life and got left behind when I went travelling overseas at the age of 21, I've worn them a couple of times since, but my feet are different now and don't fit in them the same way (in that way that second hand shoes feel weird inside).

My Karen Walker Bow necklace (and the inspiration for this blog name) a gift from a friend in exchange for a Breakfast a Tiffany's DVD (what a kind friend!) I love it  to bits!  I wear it at least a few times a week, it goes with everything and makes me feel pretty.  I hope it is something I still wear when I'm old and grey. (or by then I may have given it to my daughter)

As for now the most recent addition to the list. A necklace by Erickson Beamon for Target, spotted on Princess Lasertron (one of my favorite bloggers and creator of beautiful things).  I WANT WANT WANT IT, but alas it was a limited addition sold only at Target in the United States a couple of years ago it seems. Will keep eyes peeled on ebay.  Had ambitions of perhaps creating my be continued.......

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