Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Top 5 2011

Every year my husband needs a little push in the right direction (as do many husbands who leave it all till Christmas Eve and then panic shop) so I try and at least arm said darling husband with some kind of list - its usually short and not unreasonable and he does pretty well, adding a few extras of his own as well to keep the surprise element.

Christmas Top 5 presents wanted this year 

1. Stolen Girlfriends Club Bow Ring

This is the one and only thing I have actually asked for this year (to increase the chances of actually getting it!) I went and tried it on having lusted over it online, it is quite beautiful, simple, elegant, shiny and a stunning design, the band gets wider underneath, a nice touch.  If you feel really extravagant it also comes in  a double bow - yummy.
2. Elie Saab le Parfum 

 Elie says
“I like ‘womenly women’, women who twirl their dresses with desire and pride”. 

Well that says it all really. I want to be one of those women.

'floral solar woody theme. The permanent exchange between flowers and wood is what gives the fragrance such captivating resonance. The notes, from orange blossom, Mediterranean petals and jasmine to sambac, patchouli and rose honey reveal a feminine, glamorous and extremely sensuous perfume.'

Mmmmm patchouli, orange and rose... 
available now from Smith and Caughey

3. A Goat from ChildFund 

I would really like a goat for a child in Africa. For $68.00NZ you get two of them -bargain. They will supply milk for the children to drink and baby goats (kids that is ) to sell. It doesn't get much better than that really does it.  While we are on the topic you can get  a mosquito net for $11.00NZ - the insect responsible for the most human deaths in the world (death to all mozzies!! I hate em!)

4. Chocolate 

Ok so Ferrero don't rate well on the fair trade list but God they taste good - its only once a year after all.
Whittakers  however taste good and they are fair trade and they have the best website ever (make sure the sound is on) so if you want chocolate... buy theirs guilt   free...and its New Zealand made - awesome.

5.  Tunic and Cardigan 
from Darling Summer 2011 Collection 

"Darling 'Cath Kidston' inspired sleeveless tunic in pink and spring green floral pattern. Pretty lace detailing front with button fastenings. Vintage look."

The Tunic - Love it, wanted it, bought it. YAY merry christmas to me.Now do I wear it Christmas Day or save it for upcoming summer weddings???dilemmas!  As for the Cardigan....wait for the new year sales!

Hope all your Christmas wish lists are coming along well! X X 

Monday, 21 November 2011

This too shall pass

I just found out a few days ago that a close acquaintance (that is, a friend I don't know so well, but wish i knew better) is currently battling Breast Cancer. She is a wife, mother and career woman and I can imagine it's all very frightening.  It has touched me on a personal level, having been there for my husband during a short battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma 9 years ago, (which he won by the way) it was 6 months we seem to forget that went by in a blur of drugs and side effects, and robbed us of our honeymoon period right at the beginning of our relationship (we had been dating only a couple of months). We came out the other side though, stronger for it and we were very lucky.
Its funny how when these things happen it makes you reflect on yourself, those little kicks up the ass, to remind you to take nothing for granted and be thankful for the good health, the beautiful children, the wonderful home, the secure jobs , the food on the table and the comfortable life - while you have it.  God bless to all out there going through the hard times, whatever they may be.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Where I live

Rangitoto Island, Auckland, New Zealand view from Mission Bay
I took this photo of  Rangitoto a couple of years ago and it always makes me feel happy.  I drive here when the toddler is having a naughty day and everything seems alot better.  It was even great here a few weeks ago when we stopped and it was howling wind and pouring rain.

I should also mention this is a live volcano that is in our very midsts, a slumbering destructor of worlds.  I really should not have watched that drama programme they made about it last year ( in an effort I think to scare us into preperation for WHEN it erupts - thats WHEN not IF)....have you got your survival kit ready Auckland??  Have you too noticed the alarming number of 'Are you prepared' ads recently, like they know something.  I've got some loo roll, tinned food and candles in a box . I'm not really sure I have anything in there that will deal with lava and ash.  Note to self - watch more Bear Grylls programmes.

Christmas tunes

I'm so excited about Christmas this year and even more so now that She and Him  have released a new Christmas Album. Entitled 'A Very She and Him Christmas' it surely will be. Have dropped a few hints to hubby that we must purchase this on LP (red vinyl!!) although I might need a CD copy for in the car. Zooey Deschanel has the most divine angelic vocals and old songs reworked in the M Ward fashion make it all fresh and a joy to listen to.  It will happily go with our other Christmas listening namely Bob Dylan's 'Christmas in the Heart' and  The Buff Medway's 'Merry Christmas Fritz'. Oh joy!

She and Him A very She and Him Christmas

Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart
Buff Medways Merry Christmas Fritz

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Passion for Venice

 wrapping paper at Passion for Paper

Whilst waiting for an appointment one day a few months ago I happened to walk along Parnell Road and stumbled upon a little shop called Passion for Paper.  I'm not sure if you are all very familiar with this indulgent little piece of Italy in New Zealand, and I am just late to catch on, but this shop was a revelation.  As soon as I walked in the door I was hit by not only the beauty of what lay within but the strong desire to own everything I lay my eyes on.  Maybe I'm just weird but I love paper.  Notebooks, wrapping paper, cards, covered pencils, calendars all in the most stunning designs straight from Venice.  It was as though I could look out the window and see a canal boat floating past.  It was my tourist days in Venice all over again, and I was drunk with desire and heady with nostalgia.  I came away with the most expensive and divine pieces of paper that to be honest are too good to wrap anything in.  To cut them (let alone rip them) would be a travesty!  

Friday, 4 November 2011

The list

I have this habit of seeing something in a movie or in a picture and wanting, wanting, wanting it, and never being able to buy it because it's one of those things that they don't make anymore or you just cant find, or it costs too much.  Occasionally though, something on the list finds me.....

The list started with a pair of Doc Marten Boots.  I waited 6 years for a pair of black 10ups from the age of 11 - 17. After various fakes and frauds they finally came my way via the teenage boyfriend. I love them still, but they scream of a former life and got left behind when I went travelling overseas at the age of 21, I've worn them a couple of times since, but my feet are different now and don't fit in them the same way (in that way that second hand shoes feel weird inside).

My Karen Walker Bow necklace (and the inspiration for this blog name) a gift from a friend in exchange for a Breakfast a Tiffany's DVD (what a kind friend!) I love it  to bits!  I wear it at least a few times a week, it goes with everything and makes me feel pretty.  I hope it is something I still wear when I'm old and grey. (or by then I may have given it to my daughter)

As for now the most recent addition to the list. A necklace by Erickson Beamon for Target, spotted on Princess Lasertron (one of my favorite bloggers and creator of beautiful things).  I WANT WANT WANT IT, but alas it was a limited addition sold only at Target in the United States a couple of years ago it seems. Will keep eyes peeled on ebay.  Had ambitions of perhaps creating my be continued.......

A dilemma of sorts

So on the one hand I find the idea of blogging 

1) pointless
2) egotistical and possibly arrogant
3) potentially a novelty that will wear thin very quickly
4) something to feel guilty about (if I start and don't carry on with it...)
5) an invitation for my teacher husband to critique my spelling and punctuation (ouch.)

However, on the other it could be
1) fun
2) mentally stimulating
3) creative

Is there a point to it if no one reads it? 

Perhaps I will just do it anyway ( a tree falling in the woods and all that)

I hope to write about
  •  music that I'm listening to
  •  recipes of the day
  •  ideas and crafty goodness
  •  pictures and images that I love

Perhaps this will just a be a kind of diary.  

Perhaps I should just get on with it.
 My family's sneakers all lined up