Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Top 5 2011

Every year my husband needs a little push in the right direction (as do many husbands who leave it all till Christmas Eve and then panic shop) so I try and at least arm said darling husband with some kind of list - its usually short and not unreasonable and he does pretty well, adding a few extras of his own as well to keep the surprise element.

Christmas Top 5 presents wanted this year 

1. Stolen Girlfriends Club Bow Ring

This is the one and only thing I have actually asked for this year (to increase the chances of actually getting it!) I went and tried it on having lusted over it online, it is quite beautiful, simple, elegant, shiny and a stunning design, the band gets wider underneath, a nice touch.  If you feel really extravagant it also comes in  a double bow - yummy.
2. Elie Saab le Parfum 

 Elie says
“I like ‘womenly women’, women who twirl their dresses with desire and pride”. 

Well that says it all really. I want to be one of those women.

'floral solar woody theme. The permanent exchange between flowers and wood is what gives the fragrance such captivating resonance. The notes, from orange blossom, Mediterranean petals and jasmine to sambac, patchouli and rose honey reveal a feminine, glamorous and extremely sensuous perfume.'

Mmmmm patchouli, orange and rose... 
available now from Smith and Caughey

3. A Goat from ChildFund 

I would really like a goat for a child in Africa. For $68.00NZ you get two of them -bargain. They will supply milk for the children to drink and baby goats (kids that is ) to sell. It doesn't get much better than that really does it.  While we are on the topic you can get  a mosquito net for $11.00NZ - the insect responsible for the most human deaths in the world (death to all mozzies!! I hate em!)

4. Chocolate 

Ok so Ferrero don't rate well on the fair trade list but God they taste good - its only once a year after all.
Whittakers  however taste good and they are fair trade and they have the best website ever (make sure the sound is on) so if you want chocolate... buy theirs guilt   free...and its New Zealand made - awesome.

5.  Tunic and Cardigan 
from Darling Summer 2011 Collection 

"Darling 'Cath Kidston' inspired sleeveless tunic in pink and spring green floral pattern. Pretty lace detailing front with button fastenings. Vintage look."

The Tunic - Love it, wanted it, bought it. YAY merry christmas to me.Now do I wear it Christmas Day or save it for upcoming summer weddings???dilemmas!  As for the Cardigan....wait for the new year sales!

Hope all your Christmas wish lists are coming along well! X X 

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  1. I want something from the Stolen girlfriends Club for my Stolen Girlfriend, but I can't afford 180 bananas for that ring. Its a nice ring. Hi lil'bow!