Saturday, 17 December 2011

Follow the white Hare.....

Just wanted to share this with everyone -  I have stumbled across this wonderful artist Ellaquaint on the web via the crafternoon tea market.   I went down today and purchased a painting ( a christmas present from my wonderful mum). I am so happy.  I don't often find works of art that I instantly love.  But every now and then I will happen across something I just know I must own.  As a result I don't own many paintings yet, I find bare walls a bit scary, but also the commitment of where to put said piece of art fills me with fear too.  So Mr Arctic Hare doesn't have a home yet,  I will have to try him in different places for a while. He is so beautiful, I cant stop looking into his eyes. Thanks Ella for creating him.x

here are a few other works that I like

you can see other works at check it out!

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  1. Awww, Thanks Sarah. I am so pleased he has a home. I so know about finding the right space to hang works, which is why I have a lot leaning on shelves. You have a lovely blog here, I will have to keep popping back :)