Friday, 2 December 2011

What I'm thankful for today....

1) Molly at 21 Months
The terrible two's are beginning early.  My cheeky monkey  makes me experience a full range of emotions on a daily basis, just as she does.  Currently she wants to run in any direction I'm not going in. She's a smarty too, shes been trying to count to 10, but she keeps missing 6 and she knows most of the alphabet even though she can't pronounce all of it yet, but she does have a large vocabulary - I have to act as translator alot of the time with other people.  She is obsessed with Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, nursery rhymes, swings and going to see penguins.  Molly loves Vegemite (but she calls it Marmite because she cant pronounce Vegemite yet), strawberries, cheese, chips (both crisps and hot chips shes not bothered) and frozen peas -  straight from the freezer.

2) Strawberries
I love strawberries, Molly and I pick them from the garden and after she has washed them (and the floor) she eats them with reckless abandon, no thought for the drippings of red juice that fall down her chest, that mummy will have to soak out later, just pure gusto for the joys of the strawberry.  I used to be like that as a child, eating until I got hives, now I'm lucky to get any at all.

3) Christmas 
Its stressful, exhausting, expensive, time consuming...all these things, but also joyous, fun, exciting and cheery! How can you not love Christmas?  Its so worth it.

4) Christmas Trees
What  a good idea. Just looking at it in the evening twinkling away makes me feel all twinkly on the inside.

5) The wonders of modern dentistry
without which I would look like a toothless, 12 year old.

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