Monday, 9 January 2012

A New Year 2012

So I have been a bit preoccupied with Christmas and New Year (had a fantastic weekend in Sydney, got my Target and Ikea fix!) and so haven't had time to blog.  But here I am now finally getting to it, it will be short and sweet today as I have just spent two hours drooling over beautiful imagery on Pinterest, which if your not on there you should check it out.  As a hairdresser I am a very visual person so this forum thrills me beyond belief! It's like an edited version of google image search. Love it. check out my link on the right to see my pin boards so far. I have been searching for inspiration for tiling my bathroom, alas so far I can only find the tiles I like in the UK. Aren't these amazing???

and I just like the colour of this bathroom, I would happily sit in there for hours.

As for New Years Resolutions?? I don't usually make them as they tend to only last a day or so and then I am back to my old ways. (the usual lose weight one...blah blah blah)  I think this year I am going to give our house a bit of attention, making it reflect the style I love a bit more. Vintage, creative, colourful, shabby chic. Goals for the year - make some cushion covers, do more craft and learn more craft, and sell some things I have made at a market stall!oh and try to spend a bit more time with my husband x x

I will leave you with some inspiration from Princess Lasertron's advent month - I really wanted to participate but just didn't find the time on a daily basis, maybe next year.  They are words to live by. Happy New Year.xx

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  1. Those tiles are gorgeous and I do believe they are Welbeck Tiles which are made here in England. I would love these for my own bathroom makeover but they are sooo expensive - I'd need a second mortgage!