Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wait watching

So after gaining a few extra kilos and being remotivated by two friends who are losing and losing and losing weight I have decided to go on weight watchers for the second time this year. Last time was a real success and I lost 5 kilos in about 2 months. Couldn't keep it off though and gained it all back plus an extra couple just to make me feel really bad about it.  It really is hard having self control. I wonder if alcoholics feel the same way about alcohol as I do about chocolate and biscuits . It really feels like an addiction sometimes.  I have to admit I eat them emotionally and then from there it's just a downward spiral of 'just one more' everytime I open the cupboard.  At times it helps me get through the day. 2 year olds are hard work you know. A nice cup of tea and a biscuit makes everything better. Well now its just the tea and if I'm a good girl one biscuit at the end of the day (because God knows if I had one earlier my brain would forget that one and demand another and another). Wish me luck.

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