Wednesday, 21 March 2012

More interest in Pinterest

The controversy over Pinterest continues and to be honest I feel quite confused about the whole thing, and am hoping I don't get sued by anyone.  It also makes me glad I am not yet a mass pinner, with pins in the thousands like some people, as I think I am going to have to go through and make sure each and every one leads back to its original source.   Read here for some amateur advice on how to be a safe pinner posted by the Paper Mama.  All advice well received on this one.  I really hope the site continues, its so brilliant, addictive and feeds my inner voyeur of all things beautiful and cool!  As a hairdresser its great having an online inspiration board at my finger tips, saves rummaging through magazines and websites for that perfect hair image. Five minutes on Pinterest has me inspired to redecorate my house, wear my hair a different way, cook something new and dress totally different.  Love it.  What does everyone else think about this image privacy issue?? x

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  1. Eeek!

    I doin't know anything about this!!! I hope it sticks around too!