Thursday, 2 February 2012

Take me to the River

Today I just wanted to share with you all the special place that is my parents holiday house.  It is in a place called Turangi ( south side of  Lake Taupo) and is a rentable house within the Tongariro Lodge.  What makes it special is it is right on the Tongariro river, with the most beautiful view at sunset.   The air is always crisp, the views always magical. Nothing but the sounds of Tuis and the river, brings a kind of peace.  When you live in a city, you forget how wonderful the sound of nature is.

The House
We were lucky enough to stay for a week this time, although the 5 hour drive from Auckland is tough with a toddler, it was well worth it.  On our last night we had dinner from the lodge (gourmet dining!) brought to the house and we ate on the deck while watching the sun go down (photos further down!). Heaven.

The Mighty Tongariro River - great trout fishing!
My Dad is a trout fishing addict, he loves being able to walk out the front door, go across the grass and step into the river. For him it doesn't get much better than that.

pretty fields of purple wild flowers

The Turangi bridge is just a short stroll up the river from our place, and leads to the town which do great fish n chips, you can even a get a deep fried mars bar (although I wouldn't recommend it!)

more wild flowers

My little one with room to run!

Ah the sunset look at those colours.
Breathtakingly beautiful!
I hope you all have somewhere beautiful to go to when you feel like a break from real life!


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